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The Maptaphut Industrial Port had been established under the policy of the Eastern Seaboard Development Program (ESB) 's Policy since 1982, the National Economic and Social Development Plan No.5 (1982-1987 A.D.), as the internationaal modern industrial area that located on the Maptaphut District of Rayong Province and also the Laem Chabang District of Chonburi Province.


According to the plan of the Eastern Seaboard Development Program that defined the Maptaphut area to be the large industrial area by having the Maptaphut Industrial Port was the main facility. After studied of the possibiity, the government had made plan to develope the Maptaphut Industrial Port since 1983. Later in 1988, the demand on transferring liquid cargoes of petro-chemical factory group and also general cargoes were clearly needed, hence on 16th February 1988 the cabinets had approved the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand to improve the existing port construction desired drawing which suitable the requirement at that time. The Mataphut Industrial Port had started construction since March, 1989 and had finished on October 1992, which the first vessel was berthed on 27th March 1992. The Maptaphut Industrial Port, being the large and modern port, that providing needed main facility for industry and economic development had two categories on investment as the followings:-


1. Public Terminals are terminals that provide services to general customers, there are three terminals.
- General cargo terminals consist of:-
(a) Maptaphut Industrial Terminal (MIT) was constructed by Rayong Bulk Terminal Co., Ltd. but all facilities were ordered by the court to receive receivership. Then, the IEAT was granted to manage the MIT by the Ministry of Finance.
(b) Thai Connectivity Terminal (TCT) which was invested by the IEAT to make construction and IEAT has provided the 30 years concession to the Thai Connectivity Co., Ltd.
- Liquid cargo terminal, Thai Tank Terminal (TTT), invested and constructed by the IEAT and provide the 30 years concession to the Thai Tank Co., Ltd.
2. Dedicated Terminals are the terminals that provide services to their own company group, being invested the infrastructure by IEAT and being invested the terminals' facilities by the companies. They consist of
(a) NFC Public Co., Ltd. (NFC)
(b) Star Petroleum Refining Co.,Ltd. (SPRC)
(c) PTT Global Chemical ublic Co., Ltd. (PTT GC)
(d) Maptaphut Tank Terminal Co., Ltd. (MTT)
(e) GLOW SPP3 Co., Ltd. (GLOW SPP3)
(f) BLCP Power Limited (BLCP)
(g) PTT LNG Co.,Ltd (PTT LNG)
(h) PTT TANK Terminal Co.,Ltd (PTT TANK)
(i) Rayong Terminal Co., Ltd (RTC)