Incident Action plan practice accordance to International Ship and Port Facility Security Code: ISPS Code with leading companies in petrochemical industrial and related businesses along with government agencies in the area have participated in the practicing the plan in unison.

The area in the Map Ta Phut industrial port is an important target area for national defense. The agencies who responsible for protection and prevention must have mission to practice to prevention and protection of safety, to achieve cooperation in the same direction, which brings to the understanding of various problems if there is any unusual event.

The practice plan under the code NASMEX (Naval Security Map Ta Phut Exercise) has started since 2007 until now.

The practice plan drills there are 13 units of agencies and port to participating in this practice, such as Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT), Maptaphut Industrial Port Office, Rayong Province, Royal Thai Navy Region 1, Marine Department, PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited or GC, BLCP Power Company Limited, TPT Petrochemicals Public Company Limited, Glow Group Company Limited, Chemicals Business SCG, PTT Tank Terminal Company Limited, Star Petroleum Refining Public Company Limited, Thai Tank Terminal Company Limited, PTT LNG Company Limited, NFC Public Company Limited, with lecture giving knowledge in theory along with the practice according to the various specifications by expert speakers from Royal Thai Navy Region 1 and relevant agencies. To share knowledge and presentation of various information during the period of practicing the plan.


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