1 Respond to Customer’s requirement

Under the terms of the Rules and Contracts with each other, Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand by Maptaphut Industrial Port Office will take care of overall utilities both of sea and land including navigation channel, buoys and pilot light pole, communication system and vessel traffic facilitation

as well as the relevant onshore utilities. Includes increasing the facilitation of services through the Smart Port system that has been developed continuously.

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2 Port Safety Management

For Port safety management, Maptaphut Industrial Port Office has established a Navigation Facilitation and Coordination Center for practice of maintaining the port area in both of sea and land, in accordance with the International Standard of ISPS Code. Includes fast responding to various emergencies and in timely on 24 hours a day with modern communication equipment and information technology.

3 Environmental Management

For Environmental Management of "Clean and Green Port With Speed ​​and better Service" has adopted the principles of good governance to used in Environmental Management by disclosure of information on monitoring the environmental quality of the Maptaphut Industrial Port Office and Terminal Operators to the community, and establish the conditional of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) approved by the Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning.

4 Public Health Management

Operation in accordance with the core competencies established by the World Health Organization (WHO) to prevent and control epidemics as an international gateway and as Chairman of the Working Group for the development of the gateway for entry and exit international shipping routes of Rayong Province, with coordination drills and practical training together with the Terminal Operators and Government agencies every year.


5 Being an Eco-Industrial City

Being an eco-industrial city (Eco-World Class) "Eco Industrial Town", Maptaphut Industrial Port Office is one of the industrial estates that is a leader in an eco-industrial city aimed at sustainable industrial development to achieve the cost-effective management of resources and energy, along with increasing production efficiency, develop community economy to promote the national economic development, and strengthen the social sector, community, quality of life development, and environmental quality to aim for mutual benefit.

result and target