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For more information, click here >>  Business Operator manual prepared by the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT).

Request for approval-permission related to Maptaphut Industrial Port Office


During of Prepare for business

1 Applying for permission to use land and operate business in the Estate.
2 Request for construction / modification / demolition the Factory buildings in Industrial Estates
2.1 Building definition and building design
2.1.1 Building definition
2.1.2 Building design
2.2 Request to construction Factory building, Form  IEAT 02/1
2.3 Request to construction Factory building, Form  IEAT 02/3
3 Building certification
3.1 Building inspections under Section 32 bis.
4 Machine installation
5 Test Running the machine
6 Notification Start to business operation.

ระยะ ประกอบกิจการโรงงาน

Approval - Permission is under the supervision of MIPO. There are 11 issues:




1) Permission to take out waste

1.1) Management of Industrial waste, Garbage, Sewage or waste material with in Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate area

สทร.ค วป.15.1

 สทร.ค บฟ.15.1.1

K. Paranee Boonchuay (MIPO.)

1.2) Garbage disposal

1.2.1) Garbage transport invoice


สทร.ส วป.25


สทร.ส บฟ.25.1

1.2.2) Request permission to bring sewage or waste material with control in-out of the Map Ta Phut Port area


สทร.ส บฟ.25.2

2) Dangerous Goods Transfer Permission

สทร.ค วป.15.2

สทร.ค บฟ.15.2.1

3) Permission for ships entry to use area in Map Ta Phut Industrial Port

สทร.ค วป.15.3

สทร.ค บฟ.15.3.1

K. Nuanchan Taruk (MIPO)

4) Permission to refuel

สทร.ค วป.15.4

สทร.ค บฟ.15.4.1

K. Supachok Silpcharoen (MIPO.)

5) Permission to carry food supplies on board and/or bring crews on board.

 สทร.ค วป.15.5

สทร.ค บฟ.15.5.1

K. Thanyanan Phithakphong  (MIPO.)

6) Permission to hot work on board

 สทร.ค วป.15.6

สทร.ค บฟ.15.6.1

K. Supachok Silpcharoen (MIPO.)

7) Permission to work at heights place

 สทร.ค วป.15.7

สทร.ค บฟ.15.7.1

K. Paranee Boonchuay (MIPO.)

8) Permission to operate in diving work

สทร.ค วป.15.8

สทร.ค บฟ.15.8.1

K. Supachok Silpcharoen (MIPO.)

9) Permission to bring waste from ships for treatment or disposal

สทร.ค วป.15.9

สทร.ค บฟ.15.9.1

K. Paranee Boonchuay (MIPO.)

10) Permission to bring controlled materials in-out of Map Ta Phut Port Area

สทร.ค วป.15.10

สทร.ค บฟ.15.10.1

K. Nuanchan Taruk (MIPO)

11) Permission to mooring over the ship in the Map Ta Phut Industrial Port

สทร.ค วป.15.11

สทร.ค บฟ.15.11.1

K. Nuanchan Taruk (MIPO)

Request for approval – permission


MIPO = Maptaphut Industrial Port Office

IEAT = Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand